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This is life-enjoying every bit of it (even the 10min I thought I was going to die of thirst)
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Love to end the running session on grass
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I’m not going fast and there are no power records but I am up and running, feeling stronger after every session. The positive about being off for a while is that you experience the beginners gain again 💪
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Thanks for a lovely midsummer

Life is like a podium – sometimes you take a step up and sometimes you have to step down. I was planning on racing European championship 70.3 Elsinore this weekend but I had to withdraw.

When it feels like the universe is slapping you in the face trying to make you give up. But you keep on fighting and instead of a slap in the face you get a big hug.

Six weeks ago I got a positive COVID-19 test. I had a very mild infection with barely no symptoms at all. I followed all the guidelines from WTO and didn’t return to training until two weeks after being symptom free. When I started to ease back into training I experienced some chest pain which turned out to be a heart complication. Lately I have been undergoing a lot of examinations and luckily I am now cleared to start training again. My heart is well and functioning great. I need to go slow but I am very positive I will be racing Kona in October.

With this said I want to make awareness of how unpredictable COVID-19 can be. To all of you athletes out there please follow the guidelines from WTO “Return to play” – it might not save you from getting a complication, but it minimises the risk. I am sure my “mild” complication is due to following the guidelines, and I don’t want to think about how bad it could have been otherwise. Stay safe out there

When you can’t bring your masseur @imtgbg to the summer house. Love my hypervolt from @hyperice 💕
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